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One of the easiest ways to save money in a promotional campaign is to plan in advance and have products or kits at the ready right when you need them.

PMG hosts a warehouse full of campaign items for our clients. This enables us to have mass amounts of our products on hand and makes us able to ship them as you place your order.

Since we are a locally-based Florida company, we are able to fulfill orders quickly within the U.S. Our production, item selection and shipping costs reflect this as well. Besides spending your money within the U.S., you also spend money on a local business, keeping the economy in the area healthy and thriving, and in turn the nation.

Our friendly project managers work regularly with multi-item, multi-location promotions. They'll help ensure that your promo kits make it into the right hands on time, and that your on-the-ground team knows exactly what to do with your kit once it gets there. You'll get no-hassle help and save yourself a ton of headaches throughout the entire process. Never worry about your promotional products again!

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